Based in Egypt

and Now At Dubai

Who We Are ?

DLight is hosting a Group of Professional Talented Photographers and videographers, Providing Various media services.

Our Mission

We bond with our clients' philosophies and dreams, serving high end media solutions through creative thinking and proper planning, implemented by committed and passionate team that’s built on co-working and self-development spirit.

We call them our Partner of Sucess

  • Mahmoud Roshdy
    Mahmoud Roshdy
    A young Photographer with a lot of experience in 360 Photography, specialized in interiors and events photography,
  • Mohamed Magdy
    Mohamed Magdy
    You won't find Magdy only a photographer at your wedding or event, he will be your partner while taking the best moments this day.
  • Karim Osama
    Karim Osama
    Our scientist, Karim is wedding, Events & Portrait Photographer who talk less, Work a lot.
  • Mohamed Nadi
    Mohamed Nadi
    A great Events and Landscapes photographer, if you want a panorama so you should ask Nadi for it.
  • Mohamed Ghoname
    Mohamed Ghoname
    Ghoname is a street photographer that capture unique moments.
  • Ahmed Osama
    Ahmed Osama
    A young Passionate Events & Wedding Photographer.
  • Hassan Hamdi
    Hassan Hamdi
    He knows how to shoot people.
  • Amr El-Hadeka
    Amr El-Hadeka
    A Traveler Passionate Photographer
  • Mohammed Hamdi
    Mohammed Hamdi
    A detailed oriented, he will re-frame your ideas. you will love his videos as much as his photos.
  • Abdel-Rahman Sherif
    Abdel-Rahman Sherif
    Retoucher/Office Deed
    Our talented Photo-Retoucher. He will Help you while you are using our Studio.

We are Also Hosting

  • Kerollos Gamal
    Photographer/Beauty Retoucher
    One of our pioneers in Weddings, he is also a Talented event photographer.
  • Mohab Magdy
    Redbull official photographer, Mohab is a Master of Sports and Events Photography. With his unique smile, you won't forget him.

We Can't miss our Deedos

  • Ahmed Gaber
    Ahmed Gaber
    Creative/Business Deed
    Creative ideas come at instant
  • Mohamed Gamal
    Mohamed Gamal
    Account Deedo
    He won't sleep until his client is totally satisfied.
  • Mazen Nassar
    Mazen Nassar
    Financial Deedo
    Prepare some cash when you see him.
  • Menna Wareth
    Menna Wareth
    Financial Deed
    When we talk about money, so we talk about Menna.

Meet Our Founders

  • Mohamed Tarek
    Mohamed Tarek
    Photo-Engineer/Art Director
    Mohamed is one of the most talented art director and photographer you will ever meet that will guide you with a story board and guidelines to start a successful shoot, Our clients mentioned that he is there shoot savior that made their day.
  • Marwan Wareth
    Marwan Wareth
    Managing Director/Dubai Founder
    Marwan is the Interior and landscapist with tasty flavour of food styling techniques that brings our a great taste for all kinds, he has a believe that virtual reality (Virtual Tours) will take over our lives.